Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Make My Picture Speak!

"Yellow Flowers In My Backyard"

I call them 'Dancing Angels', in my backyard. Bright Yellow Face like a sun, with a black mole at the centre. Moving and Grooving to the music of loud winds.

Are you angels in disguise! that's holding on to my sight; or just some strange flowers from nowhere, on whom I can swear!
You make me smile, You give me Hope.
You help me stay calm and wander fearlessly, like a dark cloud; willing to burst out.

I don't wish to start my day, without a glance at your way. You look more bright and beautiful, with each passing day. I wish to bring you into my garden, but scared; what if your beauty lose it's heavenly shine! You ought to grow in far away shrine. 

You teach me how to spread the seed of faith and belief; that will outshine fear and depression and bring life to my hope and grief.


  1. Hi Epsita!

    It was so beautifully described. I truly love these lines - "I wish to bring you into my garden, but scared; what if your beauty lose it's heavenly shine! You ought to grow in far away shrine."
    True, sometimes they look prettier in the place they've chosen to live :)
    I could imagine how you enjoy yourself watching them dance to the breeze.

  2. Epsita, You and I are similar as we love images to enhance our message. These vibrant colors and lines looks like they will jump off the screen!

    Blessings to you!


    1. Yes! indeed Stephen:)
      Thanks much for those wonderful words:) Truly encouraging:)Please keep visitng my page:)TC

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Friend,

      Sorry! Tried finding the meaning, but could not get it. Could you please explain me the meaning:)

  4. I just love images that you can add words to and make them speak. You did a great job in doing that here Epsita.

    1. Thanks much friend!
      Glad you liked my pics and words:):):) Please keep visiting. Thanks again for your encouraging words:) Means a lot to me:)

  5. words and pictures add meaning and beauty to thought competing and complimenting with each other... and nature when at its beauty can beat even the most mechanized gadjet... nicely written... welll clicked... keep writing ....

    1. Thank you Anuj for leaving me this beautiful comment:)

  6. Wow... Awesome pics . The words in the pics just make them perfect .


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